Hi, I am Alex

Hi, I am Alex

And I write stories about people and their most emotional moments in life. I see The 7 Memories as a big social experiment that gives me a lot of joy. Who are we really, what are we striving for, what is life all about? Some stories are encouraging, some are sad … I want to offer an unpolished look behind the scenes of our society without judging.

What began in early 2020 has continued until today. At first, the stories were short, then I realized that some topics require more depth. Today, I do what feels right for the specific situation. The stories are created in close collaboration with the respective person, whereby mutual trust is the basis. It’s very important to me to publish only aspects both sides can stand behind.

The pseudonym Alexander Rodshtein stands for a journey through emotions. In real life my name is Roger. I live in Aarau, Switzerland. You can find additional information about me and my work at www.rodshtein.ch.

The 7 Memories would not exist without all the volunteers. With your stories we make a difference. Thank you very much!
The same goes for all the people behind the scenes.

Feel free to write me: hello@the7memories.com