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Are you interested in telling your story? And is there a possibility that we can meet within Switzerland? Feel free to write me, because I am always looking for volunteers.

It goes without saying that The 7 Memories is based on mutual trust. It is very important to me that we take enough time to get to know each other and to set up the framework. It is central that you can stand behind what I will write about you and your life.

How will it work in concrete terms?
This is completely individual, I will respond to your needs. Be prepared that we will meet several times and in between we will be in contact in writing or by phone, depending on the situation. Don’t worry, even if we have started and you feel it doesn’t feel right, you can withdraw at any time.

What topics am I looking for exactly?
I write about love, death, friendships, grief, illness and more. It is important to me that the story touches and offers value to the people who will read it. My job is primarily to put your experiences in a written form the best possible way. I want to understand the context, why you acted the way you did, and in what specific situation that manifested itself.

I know that the insight into your life will be very intimate and detailed. That’s what makes these stories so appealing; that you read and empathize. That’s how we leave a lasting impression.
In order to give you more security, you will have the option to stay anonymous, moreover the experiences often involve third parties whom we want to protect. Finally, you will receive the text for proofreading and adjustments before publication.

If you now think, yes, I am convinced and want to share my experiences with others, then write to me at or via the contact form. Contacting me is of course without obligation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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