22 Stories

September 2022, worldwide
What are you proud of in your life and why?
August 2022, Biel (Switzerland)
“Nina, why was a day without her a difficult day?”
June 2022, Basel (Switzerland)
“Isabel, how did you realize that you still loved him?”
March 2022, Aarau (Switzerland)
“Julian, how can you be in such a good mood after everything I’ve done?”
August 2021, Basel (Switzerland)
“Jenny, who helped you when you felt like a cripple?”
August 2021, Aarau (Switzerland)
“Roger, why did this encounter on the other side of the world feel so different?”
June 2021, Zurich (Switzerland)
“Danny, how does being friends with an international star influence you?”
May 2021, Basel (Switzerland)
“Maria*, how did you find part of your family again after 27 years?”
February 2021, Switzerland
“Natalie, why did you move to Ireland after your husband’s assisted suicide?”
February 2021, Aarau (Switzerland)
“Alex*, which coincidence in your life is most memorable to you?”
December 2020, Baden (Switzerland)
“Alima*, why didn’t you feel love for your child after giving birth?”
November 2020, Basel (Switzerland)
“Grischa & Joëlle, how did the two of you meet?”
September 2020, Baden (Switzerland)
“Karima, what have you learned from overcoming your postpartum depression?”
September 2020, Aarau (Switzerland)
“Pascal, what do you do in your daily life to feel satisfied and happy?”
July 2020, Basel (Switzerland)
“Monika, why did you praise yourself in front of the mirror?”
June 2020, Aarau (Switzerland)
“Juliane, you had a miscarriage. How are you today?”
May 2020, Luzern (Switzerland)
“Marion, how did love find you during a time of severe depression?”
April 2020, Aarau (Switzerland)
“Saskia, what was it like for you to leave friends and family behind?”
April 2020, Aarau (Switzerland)
“Hana, why do you take pictures of your father every time you visit him?”
February 2020, Aarau (Switzerland)
“Tobias, why do you give your life a new direction?”
January 2020, Aarau (Switzerland)
“Hamda, how are you really doing?”
January 2020, Aarau (Switzerland)
“Manuela, what’s your conclusion after turning 40?”