11 Stories

February 2023, Zurich (Switzerland)
“Hannah, why did you care about others but little about yourself?”
October 2022, Switzerland
“How do you feel when you’re alone?” (poll)
September 2022, worldwide
“What are you proud of in your life and why?” (series)
August 2022, Biel (Switzerland)
“Nina, why was a day without her a difficult day?”
June 2022, Basel (Switzerland)
“Isabel, how did you realize that you still loved him?”
March 2022, Aarau (Switzerland)
“Julian, how can you be in such a good mood after everything I’ve done?”
May 2021, Basel (Switzerland)
“Maria, how did you find part of your family again after 27 years?”
September 2020, Aarau (Switzerland)
“Pascal, what do you do in your daily life to feel satisfied?”
May 2020, Luzern (Switzerland)
“Marion, how did love find you during a time of severe depression?”
April 2020, Aarau (Switzerland)
“Saskia, what was it like for you to leave friends and family behind?”
April 2020, Aarau (Switzerland)
“Hana, why do you take pictures of your father every time you visit him?”