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November 2020, Basel, Switzerland

“Grischa & Joëlle, how did the two of you meet?”

Sometimes you meet someone and a story unfolds that can be told from two perspectives.

On one of the last days of autumn, the three of us are walking through the park where a few other people are also strolling around. I ask Grischa and Joëlle if that’s a problem for them.
»No, we aren’t shy«, they say.
At the very end, they tell me about that time back then … the story of how they met.

Joëlle: »On the train, my colleague whispered to me: ›Hey, this guy keeps looking at you.‹ I liked that because I found him cute. And then we actually met again by chance a few hours later! We talked a bit, then I gave him my smartphone … asking him to give me his number.
The next day we met again, and after that everything moved pretty fast. Grischa is so kind to me. Sometimes, he almost doesn’t look enough after himself.«

Grischa: »A young woman and her colleague were sitting in the compartment next to me. Apparently, they went to a party too. We didn’t talk to each other; I only gave them some information about the delay of our train.
During the evening I flirted with another woman, but at around 4 am I went outside and was surprised to find the girl from the train again. ›We have seen each other before‹, I said to Joëlle, who was standing in front of the building.
That moment happened two years ago. I appreciate that she’s patient with me. I can really be a diva sometimes.«

Maybe, I think to myself in retrospect, stories which can only be told from one perspective don’t even exist.