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Calls for volunteers, author's thoughts, the latest portraits.
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April 2020, Aarau, Switzerland

“Hana, why do you take pictures of your father every time you visit him?”

I had taken this picture a few months ago in her apartment. She doesn’t like to be in front of the camera, so I was happy that she had done it regardless. I wanted to photograph Hana because I enjoy her work. She can capture people and emotions in a way I admire.

We are talking on the phone. »A few years ago, I felt terrible. Doing photography saved me.«
This specific corner of her apartment you see in the picture … she would enjoy sitting there for hours, watching the rain and how the water on the street created reflections of the people passing by. »Most of my family live in the Czech Republic. I would visit them about 4 times a year. But now, borders are closed. I’m not sure if they will be open again this year. My father is 92 years old. I talk to his wife on the phone because he himself doesn’t recognize my voice anymore. But he’s always so happy to hear me if he gets to know that it’s me on the other end. ›Where are you?‹, he would ask me with curiosity. ›In Switzerland‹, I would answer.«

Switzerland has been locked down for 3 weeks, although the measures are not as strict as in other countries. »I’m looking forward to the moment when we’re allowed to go back to normal life. How will it feel like to be close to each other again? When I visit my father he wants to be close to me. He wishes that I lay next to him. ›Where do you live?‹, he would want to know. ›In Switzerland‹, I would answer. After 5 minutes he would ask again.

›Don’t we take any pictures today?‹, he asked me once because I take pictures of him every time I see him. He enjoys it so much, at these moments he’s like back in the days … I don’t really know how to describe it. Finally, when I leave, I always say goodbye to him as if it would be the last time. This way, I have no fear. When there is a camera in my hand, there is no fear. Photography is my way to feel and to touch.«
Down below you can see my favourite pictures of Hana. The very first one is a picture of her father. You can find Hana’s work on Instagram.